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By Quality Mattress Staff, Jan 25 2018 11:00AM

Whether you’re a snow bird (term used for individuals who live on the east coast and migrate to the Ol Pueblo in the winter) or taking an extended vacation and need to store your bed you will want to ensure that it is stored properly so the mattress doesn’t lose its’ shape or damage the coils. The size and weight of the mattress will determine how it should be stored. Smaller/Lighter mattresses can be stored vertically; however, the larger, heavier beds should be stored horizontally. Although this may require a larger storage unit to accommodate your mattress the end result will be preserving the natural shape and your comfort. You should avoid putting any heavy objects on top. A durable bed bag (such as the one your mattress came in or can be found at a moving supply or home improvement store) is optimal so as to keep moisture out unless it’s in climate controlled storage. Even then, dust can accumulate so you will need a good cover. If you store it over 6 months to a year, change the plastic covering at some point. Once you’re ready to use the mattress take the cover off and let it sit for a day or two before putting bedding on. This will allow ventilation to minimize odor from plastic/storage. Summer is here and now you're ready for that awesome vacation knowing your mattress will be waiting for you in good condition.

By Quality Mattress Staff, Jan 1 2018 11:00AM

If your waking up tired, achy or sleep better away from home and or for that matter on the couch. Then it could be time to replace your mattress. While your mattress is meant to have (8) plus years of service, let’s be honest. We’re lucky if we get that out of our $20,000 plus car, let alone our much less expensive mattress. And for most of us, we spend as much and may be more time on the mattress than in the car. It’s close anyway. I purposefully get (7) hours sleep each night, multiplied times seven, times four and that’s easily (196) hours on my mattress monthly. Considerably more, than I spend in my car.

It’s not worth the achy Back every morning or sleepless nights because my mattress may need replacing. If any part of your derriere and or lower back is sleeping in a pit created over the years of use on your mattress. Then it’s definitely time to shop for a quality Mattress Outlet.

Don’t you think? Just my opinion.

Robert Streyar

By Quality Mattress Staff, Dec 5 2017 11:00AM

Have you ever wondered what was inside that pillow you sleep with every night? Think about it for a minute….. How long have you had your pillow(s)? There are so many types to choose from. Water and memory foam pillows designed to give optimum neck and back support and goose feather (ideally 600 count) and cotton pillows that offer no support. We spend an average of 6-8 hours sleeping on our pillows every night yet not a whole lot of thought goes into deciding which will ensure a restful sleep without the aching neck or back in the morning. It is suggested that we replace our pillows every 12-18 months! Without going into detail and ruining your meal let’s just say unless you and your guests wash their face before putting their head on the pillow you can have an accumulation of body oils, dust, make-up, pet dander etc… Then there is the way you sleep, body and head position. Are you a back, side or stomach sleeper? How many pillows do you sleep with? Just something to think about when you’re considering buying a mattress and pillow.

By Quality Mattress Staff, Nov 7 2017 11:00AM

An objective video has been created by Consumer Reports and instead of writing an article I thought it would be best to share this video and offer you some useful tips to look for on your mattress search.

Click here the video is approximately ten minutes but worth the time and could save you a bundle! We are locally owned and operated and have served the Tucson community for over eight years and want to ensure our customers are getting the best price for a quality mattress. After watching the video feel free to come by our store and see the wide selection of brand new mattresses made locally and from a top notch company that we've built a solid relationship with. Don't stress out about the choices in buying a new mattress, enjoy the experience with some knowledge.

Have a great day!


By Quality Mattress Staff, Oct 20 2017 11:00AM

With the beginning of Fall comes better deals on mattresses, don't delay come into the store and check out the wide selection of mattress brands and styles.

Financing is an option and easy to get approved, just go to the financing section on this website and submit you information then find out in minutes how much you are approved for.

Lots of comfort options available, one for every preference. Enjoy your day.

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