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Mattress mayhem or opportunity?

By Quality Mattress Staff, Mar 15 2018 11:00AM

With the abundance of mattress stores on every corner mile, it could be viewed as mayhem or an opportunity depending on the perspective. I see it as an opportunity. Customers are in a position to negotiate, considering all the companies vying for your business. So you, as the consumer, should get what you are looking for in a mattress and rightly so. It is after all a huge investment and one that you will be spending time with day after day. Now is the time to be selective and confident in your negotiation skills. As an unbiased blogger I can reassure you that I am getting no monetary gain from advising you on this subject. I have always supported local when and where possible and have a vested interest in the Tucson community and ensuring my community gets more value for their hard earned money. That being said, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and ask for all that you desire with regard to mattress comfort, delivery and warranty. It is the holiday season and time for visitors coming into town, staying in guest rooms, sofabeds, etc. Let's make sure they have a comfortable visit without having to spend our 401k in the process. Enjoy your day friends.

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