Blog 2018-03-27T23:33:00Z Time to get Local Quality Mattress Staff <content:encoded><p>If you are a native or almost native of Tucson then you may have noticed all of the improvements around the Old Pueblo over the past decade, such as sidewalks (thank you City of Tucson and fellow taxpayers!) increased street lanes and retail/businesses. With our growing city comes some joy as well as growing pains. I don't mean to sound pessimistic however, with growth comes increased revenue and large corporations. It is great to have more choices when shopping for clothes, groceries, home furnishing etc. I've always liked Tucsons' charm of a city with a small town feel. Growing up around family and locally owned business was nice and your word was as good as a handshake. Times have changed and in order to keep a balance it would be a disservice if I didn't welcome new business and promote local businesses. Supporting your local businesses keeps our revenue within the city and supports various charitable organizations and recreational services that we all have benefitted from and will continue to enjoy in the future. Keep this in mind the next time you are out and about and wish to dine, shop, travel and commute. For more information about local businesses <a href="">click here</a> and how our patronage of local business builds stronger communities <a href="">click here</a>.</p> </content:encoded> 2018-03-27T23:32:00Z 2018-03-27T23:32:00Z Back to School Basics Quality Mattress Staff <content:encoded><p>Summer is still in full swing as we can feel from the intense heat (103°F in Tucson today!) To get you prepared for the school year that begins on Monday, August 22, 2016 for UofA students and Thursday, August 4, 2016 for TUSD students. We are offering a 10% discount on mattress sets to UofA college students providing a current student I.D. There are many back-to-school promotions going on as well as volunteer opportunities for those who have some time and want to give back to the community and make new acquaintances. Here are some great resources for our residents that could use a little financial relief in order to be ready for school. <a href="">Click here</a> for details. I hope you all have enjoyed your summer vacation.</p> </content:encoded> 2018-03-27T23:30:00Z 2018-03-27T23:30:00Z Innerspring or Memory foam, which one is better to sleep on? Quality Mattress Staff <content:encoded><p>There are debates about which mattress is better for you. Consider the person who will be sleeping on the mattress. Do they have any health or joint issues? Is cost important? Will there be one or more people sleeping on the mattress? Is the mattress going into a home, apartment, hotel, group dwelling? Once you determine the answers to these questions then you will be closer to finding the right mattress. Spring mattresses have been around longer whereas memory foam are considered to be more supportive of body contour which results in a restful sleep. Some argue that innerspring mattresses resist the body form by adding pressure to the sleeper resulting in tossing and turning throughout the night. With all the advances in technology spring mattresses can now offer more support. The bottom line is that it’s a matter of personal choice when deciding to buy a spring or memory foam mattress. That being said, come into our store and try out one of each and you decide.</p><p><p>Betty </p><p> </content:encoded> 2018-03-27T23:14:00Z 2018-03-27T23:14:00Z Our Sleep Is Vital Quality Mattress Staff <content:encoded><p>This is my first post to our Mattress Blog. I’ll review mattress choices, discuss the differences and how it all affects our lifestyle, literally. </p><p><p>Mattress articles published annually in magazines and newspapers continually stress the point of how important and vital our sleep is to our health and success. Success including family, work, relationships and most anything you can imagine. Our sleep is vital. Which is why the right mattress, is important. This was my interest in beginning Quality Mattress Outlet in Tucson, Arizona over a decade ago. </p><p><p>Family budgets are tight enough without having to suffer from a bad night’s sleep due to a poor mattress. I wanted an independent mattress outlet store where I could purchase quality mattresses and offer at sensible pricing. I’ve accomplished that at Quality Mattress Outlet Tucson. </p><p><p>Robert Streyar</p><p> </content:encoded> 2018-03-27T23:08:00Z 2018-03-27T23:08:00Z Mattress mayhem or opportunity? Quality Mattress Staff <content:encoded><p>With the abundance of mattress stores on every corner mile, it could be viewed as mayhem or an opportunity depending on the perspective. I see it as an opportunity. Customers are in a position to negotiate, considering all the companies vying for your business. So you, as the consumer, should get what you are looking for in a mattress and rightly so. It is after all a huge investment and one that you will be spending time with day after day. Now is the time to be selective and confident in your negotiation skills. As an unbiased blogger I can reassure you that I am getting no monetary gain from advising you on this subject. I have always supported local when and where possible and have a vested interest in the Tucson community and ensuring my community gets more value for their hard earned money. That being said, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and ask for all that you desire with regard to mattress comfort, delivery and warranty. It is the holiday season and time for visitors coming into town, staying in guest rooms, sofabeds, etc. Let's make sure they have a comfortable visit without having to spend our 401k in the process. Enjoy your day friends.</p> </content:encoded> 2018-03-15T11:00:00Z 2018-03-27T23:33:00Z Storing your bed Quality Mattress Staff <content:encoded><p>Whether you’re a snow bird (term used for individuals who live on the east coast and migrate to the Ol Pueblo in the winter) or taking an extended vacation and need to store your bed you will want to ensure that it is stored properly so the mattress doesn’t lose its’ shape or damage the coils. The size and weight of the mattress will determine how it should be stored. Smaller/Lighter mattresses can be stored vertically; however, the larger, heavier beds should be stored horizontally. Although this may require a larger storage unit to accommodate your mattress the end result will be preserving the natural shape and your comfort. You should avoid putting any heavy objects on top. A durable bed bag (such as the one your mattress came in or can be found at a moving supply or home improvement store) is optimal so as to keep moisture out unless it’s in climate controlled storage. Even then, dust can accumulate so you will need a good cover. If you store it over 6 months to a year, change the plastic covering at some point. Once you’re ready to use the mattress take the cover off and let it sit for a day or two before putting bedding on. This will allow ventilation to minimize odor from plastic/storage. Summer is here and now you're ready for that awesome vacation knowing your mattress will be waiting for you in good condition.</p> </content:encoded> 2018-01-25T11:00:00Z 2018-03-27T23:28:00Z When is it time to buy a new mattress? Quality Mattress Staff <content:encoded><p>If your waking up tired, achy or sleep better away from home and or for that matter on the couch. Then it could be time to replace your mattress. While your mattress is meant to have (8) plus years of service, let’s be honest. We’re lucky if we get that out of our $20,000 plus car, let alone our much less expensive mattress. And for most of us, we spend as much and may be more time on the mattress than in the car. It’s close anyway. I purposefully get (7) hours sleep each night, multiplied times seven, times four and that’s easily (196) hours on my mattress monthly. Considerably more, than I spend in my car. </p><p><p>It’s not worth the achy Back every morning or sleepless nights because my mattress may need replacing. If any part of your derriere and or lower back is sleeping in a pit created over the years of use on your mattress. Then it’s definitely time to shop for a quality Mattress Outlet. </p><p><p>Don’t you think? Just my opinion.</p><p><p>Robert Streyar</p><p> </content:encoded> 2018-01-01T11:00:00Z 2018-03-27T23:12:00Z Pillow Talk Quality Mattress Staff <content:encoded><p>Have you ever wondered what was inside that pillow you sleep with every night? Think about it for a minute….. How long have you had your pillow(s)? There are so many types to choose from. Water and memory foam pillows designed to give optimum neck and back support and goose feather (ideally 600 count) and cotton pillows that offer no support. We spend an average of 6-8 hours sleeping on our pillows every night yet not a whole lot of thought goes into deciding which will ensure a restful sleep without the aching neck or back in the morning. It is suggested that we replace our pillows every 12-18 months! Without going into detail and ruining your meal let’s just say unless you and your guests wash their face before putting their head on the pillow you can have an accumulation of body oils, dust, make-up, pet dander etc… Then there is the way you sleep, body and head position. Are you a back, side or stomach sleeper? How many pillows do you sleep with? Just something to think about when you’re considering buying a mattress and pillow.</p> </content:encoded> 2017-12-05T11:00:00Z 2018-03-27T23:15:00Z Mattress 101 - What to look for when buying a mattress Quality Mattress Staff <content:encoded><p> An objective video has been created by Consumer Reports and instead of writing an article I thought it would be best to share this video and offer you some useful tips to look for on your mattress search. </p><p> </p><p><a href="">Click here the video</a> is approximately ten minutes but worth the time and could save you a bundle! We are locally owned and operated and have served the Tucson community for over eight years and want to ensure our customers are getting the best price for a quality mattress. After watching the video feel free to come by our store and see the wide selection of brand new mattresses made locally and from a top notch company that we've built a solid relationship with. Don't stress out about the choices in buying a new mattress, enjoy the experience with some knowledge. </p><p><p>Have a great day!</p><p>Betty</p><p> </content:encoded> 2017-11-07T11:00:00Z 2018-03-27T23:17:00Z October Sales on mattresses Quality Mattress Staff <content:encoded><p>With the beginning of Fall comes better deals on mattresses, don't delay come into the store and check out the wide selection of mattress brands and styles.</p><p><p>Financing is an option and easy to get approved, just go to the financing section on this website and submit you information then find out in minutes how much you are approved for.</p><p><p>Lots of comfort options available, one for every preference. Enjoy your day.</p><p> </content:encoded> 2017-10-20T11:00:00Z 2018-03-27T23:32:00Z What are the best sheets to put on a Memory Foam mattress? Quality Mattress Staff <content:encoded><p>You’ve done your research; comparison shopping and now have a great new memory foam mattress. What type of sheets are you going to use? The most comfortable sheets are those with higher thread counts per square inch, the downside is the higher the thread counts the less breathable the material. Memory foam mattresses respond to the heat of the individual which is how they are able to conform to the body. There are a few types of memory foam: Polyurethane, Latex and Gel memory foam. (to learn more about these types <a href="">click this link </a>The primary difference between these is their recovery time, which is how soon they go back to their original form from the time the individual gets off the mattress. A good quality memory foam mattress will have ventilation or holes on the sides to dissipate the heat so the sleeper can maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. You should consider getting sheets with lower thread count per square inch to increase breathability. Also, keep in mind that some memory foam mattresses are thicker and you may want to consider obtaining sheet clips or memory foam sheets since they are longer and wider than the mattress size (<a href="">click here</a> to get more information on the subject). </p> </content:encoded> 2017-09-19T11:00:00Z 2018-03-27T23:22:00Z Let there be light! or not!? Quality Mattress Staff <content:encoded><p>Do you sleep with a night light or have other devices with little lights that stay on even when powered off? Or drift off to slumber with the t.v. or radio on? Recent studies have shown that the light disrupts your circadian rhythm, Wow! ….wait, what in the world is a circadian rhythm? That is your body’s natural reaction to stimuli (light, sound, etc.) within a 24 hour cycle. Our brain picks up various signals to these stimuli which send messages throughout our body to either stay awake or fall asleep. If you have felt sleepy and decide to call it a night then once in bed realized you cannot sleep, perhaps you should consider your sleeping environment. Now you may have spent a mint on that mattress, (unless you bought a mattress from our store then you saved a mint!) to ensure a good night’s rest yet haven’t considered other factors contributing to a restful REM sleep. I found some useful facts and without showing bias to one website, I would recommend you do the same. Don’t you want to feel rested and be productive for your next adventure?! Some tips suggested are to read a book instead of watching the t.v., make sure the area you’re sleeping in is dark or use an eye mask. On that note pleasant dreams!</p> </content:encoded> 2017-09-05T11:00:00Z 2018-03-27T23:18:00Z His side/Her side finding a compromise Quality Mattress Staff <content:encoded><p>Working in a mattress store I find this common dilemma. A couple walks in and after the formalities and a series of questions such as what size mattress is needed? Who is the mattress for? What is the budget we need to work with? When do they need it? And finally what kind of mattress are they looking for, soft or firm? We come to an impasse with the last question… The couple gives me with a blank stare, then each other? (Now what? Hmm, the odd silence, I think to myself should I intervene so as to save the baffled couple the embarrassment of admitting they have different comfort levels which they may or may not have discussed until now or do I stay quiet and let them speak?…) I then probe a little further to get more details. I ask what kind of mattress they have now and how do they like it? And wha-la! the pressure is off and now they can speak about something they know and can articulate. It is from the answers they provide that give me a little more information to work with in assisting them in choosing the best mattress to meet their needs. Just some advice, it may be a good idea to discuss this with each other before the day long adventure of comparison shopping, driving from store to store (especially in this Arizona heat) and getting pressured into a quick decision by a salesperson and avoid buyer’s remorse. I’ve also had that conversation when they have spent thousands on a mattress that they could have bought from our store for a fraction of the cost and still had enough left over for a summer cruise! Bon Voyage!</p> </content:encoded> 2017-07-11T11:00:00Z 2018-03-27T23:23:00Z Setting the mood Quality Mattress Staff <content:encoded><p>Alright you bought that fabulous bed from our store and found some comfortable Egyptian cotton sheets, now you’re ready for a good night’s rest, right? Almost! Ever lay in bed expecting to fall asleep instead you wind up starring at the ceiling or the pictures on the wall? Sometimes, it’s about the décor and colors in addition to your circadian rhythm to put your mind in a peaceful state. <a href="">Research</a> has shown that color has a huge impact on our emotional state. (<a href="">Click here for more</a>) Earth tones and pastels tend to put us at ease whereas, bold colors like deep reds, blues and the like put us in a more aggressive state of mind. Kind of like a bull charging for the red cape the matador is holding. Keep this in mind when you’re at home or out on the town and take note. Have a tranquil day!</p> </content:encoded> 2017-06-21T11:00:00Z 2018-03-27T23:27:00Z Foundations-High profile/Low profile? Quality Mattress Staff <content:encoded><p>Buying a bed seems like an easy enough task, that is until you arrive at the mattress store and see all of the options, then discover that the foundation, also known as a “box spring” is an important part of your bed purchase. The height of the foundation determines how high up your mattress will set and how comfortable it will be to get in and out of bed. There are Low Profile (approx. 5” -6” in depth) and High Profile (7”-9” in depth) foundations depends on the manufacturer. The mattress you choose could be anywhere from 10”-15” in depth and most frames stand approx. 7” from the ground. You do the math; the height of the foundation will determine whether or not you need a ladder to get into bed! Seriously though, you can request a low profile at no additional charge (well, not in our store anyway) if we don’t have one we can have one made for you! The other two foundations I didn’t cover are Bunkie Boards and Platforms, if you want info on those give me a call or come into the store and we will chat about it. Have a fabulous Day!</p> </content:encoded> 2017-05-02T11:00:00Z 2018-03-27T23:23:00Z When is it time to buy a new mattress? Quality Mattress Staff <content:encoded><p>How long have you had your mattress? Most quality mattresses will last at least 10 years, however, do you really pay attention to how long you, your housemates, or your guests have been sleeping on the same mattress. It's been with you through the seasons and holidays, company, pets you name it. It's been good to sleep on and read, even breakfast in bed if you're lucky! Sure the mattress will maintain it's form and comfort but what about the other conditions it has been exposed to? Long day at the office, or fun day at the park, long trip away and too tired to change and just fall into bed. Moisture, perspiration, whatever residue is on your clothing when you drift into a nice slumber will naturally transfer to your mattress. You are good about washing sheets but underneath the sheets are some elements left on the mattress and over time that builds up along with dust etc.. So keep that in mind when considering if it's time to buy a new mattress or maybe just get a vacuum and give the top a good once over to clear off any potential allergens or dust that might be present. If you have a mattress protector on the beds then you're good! </p> </content:encoded> 2017-04-11T11:00:00Z 2018-03-27T23:29:00Z